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Shreem Technology Services is a professional, affordable and comprehensive provider of IT services with 18 years of prolific experience with team of qualified professionals and result driven reputation. We take in pride in catering expert services and support to our clients across the globe ensuring our customers success, as we value our clients irrespective of business size and kind. We offer IT solutions through our latest and cutting edge strategies. Shreem Technology Services as an emerging entity provides diversified solutions and services to diversified and creative business categories such as Live Streaming, Live Webinar, Video Hosting, Web TV and Radio, Web Designing and Hosting. Through our Live Streaming, Live Webinar, and Web TV and Radio services, we offer enormous opportunities of business advantages to our clients of all kinds and size. Our services are cost-efficient especially for small and medium businesses, which helps them in curbing high investing budgets and enhance high returns in investments. We are specialists and possess deep expertise and knowledge of Live Streaming, Live Webinar, and Web TV and Web Radio.

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Live Streaming
Live Webinar
Video Hosting
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Our New Products

Live Casting Box

You can Mount this device for easy use, Laptop or Desktop not required for live streaming from the event Venue.

Live Casting Box

Mounted on Mini HD Camera, Laptop or Desktop not required for live streaming from the event Venue.

Live Casting Box Only Wi FI

Mounted on Mini HD Camera, Laptop or Desktop not required for live streaming from the event Venue.

Live Casting Box Only Wi FI

Mounted on Professional HD Camera, Laptop or Desktop not required for live streaming from the event Venue.


Why Choose Us?

We involve into deep discussions with our clients and analyze their business to understand business objectives. We create different strategies for different businesses, as every business is individual and has its own needs and goals. The combination of Shreem’s experience, expertise along with our IT professionals and consultants provide solutions through our innovative approach and methodologies to cultivate business success for our clients. We as reliable resource and experts in providing IT services and solutions possess the potential to handle any IT project and devices of all kinds and sizes. We develop and design any kind of website using latest and global recognized content management systems. Besides, we also create mobile applications to fulfill the needs of mobile users in easy and timely fashion.

Our Services

It’s a no-brainer and obvious to say that the usage of internet or online services across the globe is sky rocketing day by day to share any kind of information like events, meetings, weddings, seminars to friends, family, relatives, colleagues etc. There’s no doubt in saying that online is the future media to reach anyone and anywhere. Therefore, live streaming will play a vital role in personal, commercial or professional lives. Personal Events: Our robust, innovative, quality and cost-effective live streaming services help you to conduct and share an array of personal events to your relatives, friends, family, and acquaintances of any corner across the globe. We offer live streaming services for all kinds of personal events like weddings, engagements, sangeeth, birthday parties, family reunions, anniversaries and many more. Professional Events: Apart from personal events, we also live streaming services for professional events like team and company outings and hangouts, team birthday parties, company annual celebrations, seminars and meetings with employees and clients as well. Academic Events: Also, we offer services for academic events like convocations, school reunions, college reunions, college annual day celebrations, farewell parties, special celebrations and many more. Live Streaming on Facebook: We own the reputation of scoring high returning customers, as we care for our customers and always thrive to offer friendly and quality live streaming services. Now for the first time, we are introducing live streaming of events on Facebook as well, which enables you to share your memorable events to your close pals, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues.

Shreem Technology Services is one such service provider who offers live webinar services to small and medium businesses to stay connected with their clients. We help our clients to use our webinar services for training programs or marketing, which could be presented to the live audience and recorded for their future reference. Live webinar services at Shreem helps our clients to create an interesting and engaging presentation.

We believe time is valuable for us and clients especially, because of which we enable our clients to deploy their servers at anytime and any corner. We make sure that the server uptime is maximum that minimizes the business risk and protect confidential data or information of our clients. Our video hosting features are cost-efficient and trouble free with a variety of video hosting products that helps in the conversion of analog system to IP easily. Our video hosting professionals and experts at Shreem Technologies help you in enhance revenue generation through our reliable and rich set of APIs that help in developing value added applications and also in integrating them with back-end system. Our services enable even the beginners to start sharing their videos in no time. We help our clients in deploying and managing their infrastructure that achieves their business objectives with affordable costs in the long run.

Through web television, Shreem Technology Services helps the clients to enable the users to pick the television content of their choice. You could watch the web television either through direct content streaming to media player or by downloading it to computer. Our experience and expertise helps us in understanding marketing and TV advertising, through which we develop different strategies for different customers of diversified business categories. We offer support and assistance to our clients in every step of creating engaging and cost-effective marketing or promotional videos to reach out their prospects. We always thrive to provide best of our services to our clients that enhance their ROI (Return ON Investment).

We provide professional looking and SEO friendly websites and will be working closely with you in every step of setting up your business website from registering a domain to maintenance and updating. You already have an existing website? No issues! We also offer website redesigning services. We take pride in offering web designing services like mobile website optimization, advanced templates, cost-efficient and open source solutions, static and dynamic websites, social channel integration, video integration and many more. Apart from providing web designing services, Shreem Technologies also cater web hosting services to small and medium businesses at affordable price and in timely manner. we provide web hosting services that play a vital role in editing and monitoring the website content easily. Our web hosting experts understand all the complicated dynamics and help you in managing your website through cPanels which is considered as one of the potential and reliable resource in hosting platforms. Our web hosting features include SSL certificates, analytics reporting, back-ups, databases and lot more.


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